Access to Financial Resources

"With the new investments and sales channels you will meet by taking place among the technology companies at ITU MAGNET, you can increase your access to financial resources through new investments and sales channels and you can benefit from the law no. 4691 providing advantages for the R&D technology companies on the growth path.

Activities providing the opportunity to meet with investors and one-to-one coaching meetings

By moving your business to ITU MAGNET, you can have the opportunity to work close to angel investment networks and venture capital companies among our stakeholders, can come together with these in regularly organized events and hold one-to-one meetings with the investors during the coaching hours organized by ITU MAGNET for the fast-growing startups.

Demo day events attended by corporate customers

You can meet decision makers of corporate companies by attending demo days where startups located in ITU MAGNET introduce their products, you can shorten your otherwise long time-taking sales cycles and you can reach valued reference customers faster during the growth stage.

Tax advantages introduced by the law on the Technology Development Zone for the companies conducting R&D projects

By presenting your R&D project and having it approved by the ITU ARI Teknokent assessing authority, you can take part in one of Turkey's leading Technology Development Zones and you can take advantage of certain benefits such as corporate tax exemption, income tax exemption, VAT exemption and SSI premium payment support.