Access to Information

By moving your company to ITU MAGNET, you can access the advantageous trainings offered at ITU, ITU ARI Teknokent and ITU MAGNET Academy and you can benefit from the experiences that will speed up your business by coming together with valued ITU MAGNET stakeholders.

Training programs prepared considering the requirements of the technology companies that desire to accelerate their growth within ITU MAGNET Academy

You can benefit from the programs designed for different development areas of companies focused on rapid growth at the center of attraction of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and offered under the roof of ITU MAGNET Academy.

Continuous trainings and seminars organized by ITU and ITU ARI Teknokent enriching the quality of your human resources

As an ITU MAGNET member, you can access many trainings and seminars provided by the university, continuing education center and ITU ARI Teknokent under much more favorable conditions and you can ensure the development of your human resources.

Events where you can get together with international consultancy and venture capital companies and evaluate current information on rapid growth and globalization

You can get together with representatives of international consultancy companies and venture capital companies among the ITU MAGNET stakeholders within the scope of coaching and mentoring sessions and you can get to know about the best practices of companies having achieved success at a national and international level.