Access to Production Opportunities

Hardware start-ups manufacturing technological products or technology-based services or startups aiming to grow in the fields requiring high-cost laboratory investments such as biotechnology, will be able to benefit from ITU MAGNET FAB digital production center and the BioCollective shared biotechnology laboratory under the roof of ITU MAGNET.

ITU MAGNET FAB digital production center supporting you within the scope of design, rapid prototyping and low volume mass production

You can get design support from the ITU MAGNET FAB digital production center that we have built to support the companies that require high-tech equipment in their production and rapidly develop your prototypes with the support of our expert engineers and perform mass production in low volumes.

Laboratory supporting R&D activities and productions of biotechnology-oriented venture companies

You can make use of the BioCollective Lab where companies conduct R&D activities and produce in the field of biotechnology within the framework of an economical membership model without investing in laboratory equipment requiring high budgets.